Power Meter Plus

Power Meter Plus 1.6

Power meter for Windows 9x/XP/2003/Vista. It’s a simple meter
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Power Meter Plus displays how much power the laptop's battery has left. It will gradually appear as the power level drops. The lower the power is, the more notorious the meter will be showed. When recharging the laptop's battery it will turn green ad slowly will disappear as the charge of the battery is completed. You will see the Power meter in the background of your desktop or the actual window either on the bottom left or the bottom right of the screen. The Power Meter will move to the opposite corner if you move the mouse over it. Power Meter will install an icon in the system try too. To open settings you have to right click in the system try icon. Instructions: Download and execute the installer file. When installing the program you will be asked for the destination folder and at the end of the installation you will be able to add a startup folder and a desktop shortcut. Power Meter Plus is free for home users. For businesses you must buy a license after an initial trial period of 10 days.

Roberto Jimenez
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  • You can see the power meter in the background of your desktop and It will gradually appear as the power level drops


  • When opening the Laptop power window you cannot minimize it and the program will be closed
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